You can develop your project just in plain editor and command line, but we recommend using Intellij IDEA while developing.

  • Make sure you have Android SDK fully upgraded and installed.
  • On Intellij main screen go to Configure > Plugins

Configure Plugins

  • Make sure you have Android Support enabled and click on Install JetBrains plugin...

<img class=”img-thumbnail” width=”640” height=”480”alt=”Configure Plugins” src=”/resources/img/intellij02.png”>

  • Find Scala plugin and install it.

Configure Plugins

  • For the best integration with Android project it’s recommended to install sbt plugin for Intellij, click on Browse repositories button and intall sbt plugin.

Install sbt plugin

Installing Scala and sbt plugins will require Intellij restart, after that you can simply import project as sbt project.

Configure Plugins

  • Set Android Sdk for while importing project

Configure Plugins

When downloading dependencies and indexing is done, add new Android Applicatication configuration. Remove sbt task and put android:package as task to run.

Configure sbt part 1

Configure sbt part 2

Configure sbt part 3

You should now have support for Java and Scala support in your Android project using sbt as build system.